Worms 3 Review

December 2, 2013


Worms 3 was designed exclusively for iOS. The Worms series of games are developed by Team17. Worms 3 is a strategy game in which the aim is to defeat all members of the apposing team(s). Worms 3 costs £2.99 on the app store.



Worms is an enjoyable game which can get chaotic fast. In Worms, the aim of the game is to defeat the enemy team by depleting all of their health points. This is achieved by navigating around the level and using a massive variety of weapons and items - 6 of which are new to this game. 


Game Modes / Features

There are several game modes in Worms 3, locally there are five different game types. The main campaign of the game, quick game, practice game, Bodycount and Pass 'n' play.


The campaign is a series of missions; 36 single-player missions, whereas, Quick play will throw you straight into a random game.


There is the option of playing a practice game in which all weapons are available to you and you can modify the settings of the level you are playing on.  


Bodycount is an interesting mode in which you are faced with never-ending enemies, which increase in difficulty as you progress - which provides a good challenge! 


There is also the ability to play with a friend locally through pass 'n' play, a good option for people who don't want to play online. 


The online games can be a lot of fun, you can choose a random opponent or invite a friend to play via many methods including Facebook. 


In Worms 3 there is a strategy card system where if you turn on the card mode, you can use strategic cards to gain an advantage at the start/end of each turn. In game rewards allow for the purchase of bronze, silver or gold cards. There are 46 cards available!



Worms is quite easy to get the hang of, it can be a bit daunting at first because there are so many options and weapons to choose in game. The touch controls work well generally but due to the smaller screen space of my iPod touch it was a little tricky at times. The option to zoom in and pan around the level however, helps the game-play massively. 


Graphics and Sound

The graphics are HD, clear and legible. 

Like all Worms games, the graphics are fun and quirky. The seasonal changes are a nice touch and keep the game current.

In game, the graphics can be quite small but the ability to zoom in usually helps this.

Notably, this game does have the ability to use 'air-play' meaning it can be played through an apple TV. 

The sounds in game are again fun and upbeat, with amusing sound effects and voices for the characters. 


Social/In-App Purchases

​One of the things I have enjoyed about worms 3 is the seasonal updates. There are changes made to graphics and sound in relation to the seasons. For example, for Halloween you could get werewolf masks for your worms characters. Currently, there are Christmas items and themes within the game - I think this is a fun idea and keeps the game fresh.


Because the game is pay-to-play there isn't much when it comes to in-app purchases. One option however, is the Golden Donkey, an item which can be bought with real money in order to skip a mission in the campaign mode. Other than this, everything is unlockable using the in game currency (coins) earned through playing the game. 


There are daily coin rewards for returning to the game every day, a good way to keep people returning to the game. 


The game also features leader-boards so the player can compete with the world or with friends.






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