Coaster Crazy Review

November 29, 2013


Coaster Crazy is a free-to-play mobile game by Frontier Developments. As it is a free-to-play game it offers in-app purchases in order to make it's revenue.



In Coaster Crazy you are put in control of the creation of rollercoasters in various areas of the world.


The aim is to create roller coasters which surpass given challenges. The challenges in the game are given to the player by characters called 'Crazies'. 

The challenges can include objectives such as to reach a certain score or rating to using a specific rollercoaster piece. 


The creation of the roller coaster is relatively easy to get the hang of, you have to drag the track from the starting position to wherever you want it to go. You can also bend and bank the track and have the option to buy special pieces such as loops or inversions which can be edited in the same way as normal track pieces. One you have completed the rollercoaster you have to test it. You get to watch your rollercoaster in action from many different viewing angles - which is quite enjoyable!



Coaster Crazy uses touch screen controls which works well most of the time, though with most touch screen games and apps they can get a bit fiddly at times. I was playing on an iPod touch which has a relatively small screen space in relation - to say - an iPad which may be better for playing the game - due to all the small changes you make to the coaster tracks. 


Graphics and Sound

The game has great graphics for a mobile game, it is a 3D game and also is in high-definition meaning everything is crisp and clear. 

The UI is fun and matches the games style well. It is easy to use and understand with everything being legible and user-friendly.

The feature which allows you to watch your rollercoaster in action is really fun and amusing - especially if something goes wrong with your track and you manage to send a few 'Crazies' flying!


The sound in the same is good, it is quite tame on the main world screen which is expected. The sound effects are fun and quirky with characters chattering on the plot select screens. The money 'ker-ching' sound is enjoyable when you collect your income. 

The sound during coaster creation is quite ambient with a few sound effects such as bird sounds, but nothing too much to distract from gameplay. 


In-app Purchases

The game uses in-app purchases to make it's money. The in game currency is purchaseable - there are two types of in-game currency, the Gems and the Cash notes. Gems are required to unlock new areas in which to build more coasters. Though, some areas and features are unlocked based on player skill - so there is a good balance. 




Coaster Crazy is a really fun little game!

It's only downfall is that the touch controls can be a bit fiddly when making intricate changes to the tracks. Though this could be solved by playing on a device with a larger screen space. 







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