Hexic HD Review

November 20, 2013

Hexic is a puzzle game from the creator of Tetris, in which you swap and match hexagonal tiles.


Hexic is free to download on the Xbox Live Marketplace!


In Hexic, the aim of the game is to create ‘flowers’ and black pearls. (as seen in the image)

It can be a difficult game to get the hang of but once I did, I found it  fun, challenging and enjoyable to play (Most of the time!).



Hexic is different to the generic puzzler in the way it uses the flowers system. The general aim is to link 6 of the same coloured piece in a 'flower' in order to create a 'star flower'. You go on then to create a flower of star flowers in order to make a black pearl. 

There are three game modes in Hexic HD: Marathon, Timed, and Survival.

In Marathon, the aim is to win by combining Black Pearls, this can be a cluster of three pearls, or even better, a flower of pearls.

Creating black pearls is no easy feat however, there are bombs thrown in to try and end your game.

The bombs will give you a number of moves in which you must clear them, making Hexic a little more hectic.


In the Timed mode, you play until the game time runs out or you are unable to clear a bomb. Time is gained by creating combos, this mode can be a little bit frustrating if you are unable to quickly find combos.


In Survival, you play the game until you can fully clear the board or until you reach the 50th level.



Graphics + Sound

Hexic HD displays in HD, so the game looks good on screen. Hexic is a puzzle game so not much was to be expected graphically - but everything is clear and legiable. 

The colours are clear and easily distinguishable from one and other


The sound is exactly what it needs to be. It is somewhat relaxing and not too much to distract from the game play. I found the sounds can even help you focus.


Achievements + Difficulty

The achievements in Hexic range for the relatively easy to the extremely difficult. 

The most difficult achievement would be to create a flower of black pearls in Marathon Mode.

This one will require patience and perseverance!


Final Score:


Overall, Hexic is an addictive puzzle game. Hexic has good game-play, graphics and sound. It's the puzzle game I enjoy to play the most - mostly because of how much you have to think and plan out your moves. 










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